One of the factors, why I love vacation rentals, is because they give the owners flexibility. Even if for a week it’s being held in a different city or something, there are still rules to play by. If you are renting in the middle of a holiday, you can choose a date. And in the middle of any holiday, certain post-Christmas season events can make a difference. This can be one of the best times to book your vacation rental with a date. One for instance is reputable-airway websites, which change themselves to coincide with particular locations.

And because with vacation rentals, you can’t really tell how it was done, and if there are any problems, you can’t really complain. Owning a vacation home is very different from owning a hotel. Peace of mind is what you get with a vacation rental home. In a hotel, every day is theme-park season. Getting a room for the weekend at the airport, or in the airport itself, all starts with you knowing every detail ahead of time and having a map to describe the location. It also means you usually have to arrange the room by the date you book it.

Many owners of vacation rental homes will include in the rental fee a double-roof (the ability to have a view of both the departure and the arrival area). If you choose not to include this you can still have a very favorable rate, because ultimately the advantage performed by the owner of the vacation property.

When you buy a vacation rental, a photo ID is usually required with an original passport and a form of ID is required on arrival. For some listings and owners, the ID would have to be recent, but most people book their vacation homes around 4 weeks in advance. This way they have time to arrange their finances. You can even have time to be familiar with the country or know the layout before your trip, to make planning on arriving easier.

Most people book their rental 5 or more weeks in advance. If possible try to do it or talk to the owner of the accommodation if they are traveling. The more advance time you book, the lower the booking fee will be.

After you’ve found what you want and decided on your booking instructions, you will then have to modify your booking instructions. Paying by cash or card, post a booking order, giving a cheque or banker’s draft to the owner of the property, which puts you in title to the property. Then you will receive a transit tag. This is an original document giving you the right to use the property. After that, it will be time to sign the rental agreement and pay.

There are many issues to consider before you book your holiday vacation. Consult a seller to see if there are rules you need to account for. But if you follow my rules you will then have all the information you need to make a solid, informed decision.

If you’d like to learn more about finding the best vacation rental homes check out my website for a host of great tips and advice on the regions of Thailand where you should be looking.