Holiday Home Property Management – Marketing Tips For Owners Who Are Marketing Their Own Properties



Effective marketing is an integral element of lucrative holiday home property management. Unless the vacation house is achieving good levels of occupancy, the yields on the vacation home won’t be maximized. If you use a letting agent, the agent will handle all marketing and PR for your benefit and you don’t need to be worried about it.

The better vacation home services companies will also occasionally have the ability to assist you with your site and online marketing. However, several holiday homeowners don’t use agency services and prefer to manage their own properties.

Marketing is a specialist area and for that reason, owners are often much less proficient at marketing as they are in other facets of property management. So if You’re an owner who markets your own holiday houses, here are six marketing tips to help you win customers and achieve the highest possible yield from your property investment:

TIP 1: Firstly, work out who your target audience is for the vacation home. Taking into consideration the price band, place, style and design of the house, what sort of individuals are most likely to want to remain there? By way of instance, some holiday homes are great for families with young kids, some are perfect for older people who are interested in being near nature, some are fantastic for young individuals who need to be close to attractions and nightlife.

A clear definition of your target audience is a crucial first step to successful marketing. As soon as you’ve defined your target market, add any accessories and accessories to the vacation home that are the type of thing your target audience will appreciate. By way of instance, a vacation home aimed at young families will be made more appealing by a choice of age-appropriate DVDs, a choice of toys and the supply of items like cots or buggies your customer would prefer to not bring with them.


TIP 2: once you’ve chosen the target market for your vacation home, consider all of the ways that you can attract this specific target audience. Which are the magazines and papers your target audience read? If you’re not sure, ask the advertising departments at different books to send you information on their readership. This will help you work out where you should be marketing or looking for some free coverage through PR

TIP 3 Make the most of the internet. The world wide web is used by nearly all prospective clients as their first port of call for study when they’re arranging a holiday. So it is very important your vacation property is presented and it can be on the internet. Whether you have your own site or your market on a site belonging to somebody else, don’t be tempted to cut corners on photography to the web site.

It’s well worth having a professional photographer to ensure that your vacation home looks it’s very best. Constantly use online booking if possible, so that it is as simple as possible for a client to go ahead and reserve once he or she has been fascinated by your vacation home.

TIP 4 Do not miss out on the massive potential profitability of attracting repeat customers. Many people like to come back to the exact same holiday home for several years if they have a fantastic experience first time around. So make it easy for potential repeat customers to opt to return.

Set up an email newsletter so you can keep in contact with them and tempt them with a stream of special offers in addition to news about the local area and perhaps even a webcam. You might also like to think about offering a reduced rate if clients reserve to return next year, whilst they’re still on their first stay. Individuals tend to be sad to leave so it’s a fantastic time to lure customers with the possibility of a return trip.

Many accommodation providers in the tourism sector see around 70% or 80% of customers returning. Taking advantage of the prospect of winning repeat business is a vital tool for successful marketing. TIP 5 Attempt to increase your reservations by thinking laterally about how clients could enjoy the vacation home from the peak season.

Most holiday home property management businesses say that although the peak season achieves full occupancy without too much trouble, the biggest marketing challenge is achieving high occupancy early and late in the season. That is where effective marketing can really come into its own. One tried and tested tip is to make a theme for a rest.

By way of instance, maybe your vacation home is near gardens that look amazing in the early Spring. In that case, this can be made in an effective marketing proposal, pointing out how close your vacation home is to major gardens and possibly even developing a partnership with neighborhood gardens, so you provide entry tickets as part of the rental cost for the week.

If you start thinking laterally about what’s happening in the neighborhood of the vacation home at various times of the year, you’ll find it easy to think of successful marketing strategies for achieving more sales from the peak season. TIP 6 The last tip is to pay close attention to how you are able to stand out from everybody else.

The vacation home market is competitive and it’s crucial to stay 1 step ahead of the rest. It goes without saying that cleaning solutions and key holder services must be organized to the highest standards and your client will expect these to go like clockwork. To stick out in the competition you need to go 1 step further than just providing a simple service. These days, many self-catering vacation homes also provide daily cleaning solutions – bringing a service normally only associated with resorts to the vacation home market.

Renting a Holiday Home – A Good Alternative to a Package Holiday!


Holidaymakers nowadays are spoilt with regard to what can be offered! No more are they confined or restricted to the options supplied to these by parcel holiday operators, however they are now able to assume charge of scheduling and organizing their particular holiday! Normally vacations supplied by the tour operators usually contained 7, 10 or even 2 weeks remains.

With changing lifestyles, caused by stresses on the job and the inability to shoot holidays for protracted periods, it became inconvenient and impractical to get a few up against one of these kinds of predicaments. The popularity of this internet also helped lead to the arrival of still another boom business, the funding airlines.

The appeal of more economical flights guaranteed that the more destinations have are more accessible and more readily accessible to the public. Other contributory factors are the collapse of communism in the last ten years or so that has since enabled European destinations like Bulgaria, the Czech Republic, and Romania to become contemplated by holiday-makers as exceptionally viable holiday choices.


Inevitably those circumstances have brought visitors to put money into holiday domiciles both overseas and home to get their personal usage in addition to financial reward. Because of all of these facets, but most importantly the prevalence of the internet combined with the advances from the technology that powers the internet such as increasing broadband rates along with more efficient worldwide web development applications and gadgets, and holiday seekers have not ever had it so good as it involves marketing their much-adored holiday domiciles to a far wider audience than anybody might have imagined or envisioned long ago prior to the turn of this millennium.

The technology available now must appear a far cry from the older days where marketing art and vulnerability might have been restricted by advertisements from local papers and directories. Thus this has seen an exceptional gain in the range of vacation house proprietor and web organizations advertisements proprietor holiday domiciles on the internet! On the holidaymaker, the alternatives to construct their own fantasy holiday are infinite.

Numerous forms of accommodation, newer and spacious destinations, budget airlines, even changing the amount of the stay are typical options that they might just have dreamed of a quarter of a hundred years past.