The Best Vacation Rental Homes

One of the factors, why I love vacation rentals, is because they give the owners flexibility. Even if for a week it’s being held in a different city or something, there are still rules to play by. If you are renting in the middle of a holiday, you can choose a date. And in the middle of any holiday, certain post-Christmas season events can make a difference. This can be one of the best times to book your vacation rental with a date. One for instance is reputable-airway websites, which change themselves to coincide with particular locations.

And because with vacation rentals, you can’t really tell how it was done, and if there are any problems, you can’t really complain. Owning a vacation home is very different from owning a hotel. Peace of mind is what you get with a vacation rental home. In a hotel, every day is theme-park season. Getting a room for the weekend at the airport, or in the airport itself, all starts with you knowing every detail ahead of time and having a map to describe the location. It also means you usually have to arrange the room by the date you book it.

Many owners of vacation rental homes will include in the rental fee a double-roof (the ability to have a view of both the departure and the arrival area). If you choose not to include this you can still have a very favorable rate, because ultimately the advantage performed by the owner of the vacation property.

When you buy a vacation rental, a photo ID is usually required with an original passport and a form of ID is required on arrival. For some listings and owners, the ID would have to be recent, but most people book their vacation homes around 4 weeks in advance. This way they have time to arrange their finances. You can even have time to be familiar with the country or know the layout before your trip, to make planning on arriving easier.

Most people book their rental 5 or more weeks in advance. If possible try to do it or talk to the owner of the accommodation if they are traveling. The more advance time you book, the lower the booking fee will be.

After you’ve found what you want and decided on your booking instructions, you will then have to modify your booking instructions. Paying by cash or card, post a booking order, giving a cheque or banker’s draft to the owner of the property, which puts you in title to the property. Then you will receive a transit tag. This is an original document giving you the right to use the property. After that, it will be time to sign the rental agreement and pay.

There are many issues to consider before you book your holiday vacation. Consult a seller to see if there are rules you need to account for. But if you follow my rules you will then have all the information you need to make a solid, informed decision.

If you’d like to learn more about finding the best vacation rental homes check out my website for a host of great tips and advice on the regions of Thailand where you should be looking.

Avail Beach Vacation Rentals

Do you want your rental unit to be ready for your next vacation? Let’s make your renting experience a pleasant one in every way.

Beach Vacation Rentals:

Beachfront property used to be a royal pain to rent to tourists. Think about a small rental house where the entire family is waiting outside to soak up the sun in the hot Florida sunshine. If you wanted the rocking music to help you relax take a look at any of the shared vacation houses in Florida. There is nothing like leaving the music on. The only nice thing about those shared vacation houses in the side room with the BRAND new TV. Apparently, this is the way to get your brand new flat-screen TV ready for your vacation that is scheduled months in advance.

Imagine yourself brushing your teeth in the morning and relaxing in the sauna adjacent to your rented beach vacation home until the sun goes down before heading back to your rental by way of the local airport. When you get back to the rental house, don’t you think you should go for a swim to get the sand to help scrub your teeth clean?

When you get back home you would immediately take the time to brush your teeth again and then practice deep cleaning with a commercial cleaner designed just for tourist resorts. You know you better do it like that if you don’t want to have trouble over your Pizza Pizza where to get towels pools to clean your body after you have a swim.

Let’s get shopping for a few of your favorite vacation rentals. Surf the web and discover locations of real estate that will still provide you with a rental property while you are gone. This gives you the luxury of your second home rental while giving your neighbors the opportunity to meet you and host you for a party over their pint as well.

Stays, where you are staying, make for a superior vacation rental experience. Experienced rental agents can ensure that you have access to your vacation rental property 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, whether you’re at the villa interior some other exotic location. Our agents can also arrange for ways to rent you a condo or apartment if you are relocating to Mexico or cayman Island, that best of Southwest Florida resort area.

We have serviced thousands of clients who have received personal attention, comprehensive rental information, and commitments to offer you the condo of your choice.

Beach House Villas

Sandy beachesProvince of the Florida state taxes sanity dies bodieslied$$$ Jupiter, FL, NV Miami, FL,lcayManhattan Beach, CA

split level floor plans avail to each party Available now for lease with no mortgage requirement a Beach House Villasin Orlando, FLCall Express 2222- Strawberry Hills, OR

  • RED secure lockers accommodate up to 4 residents
  • Dry cleaning and more laundry room
  • By appointment Only
  • Separate guest/owners dormitories
  • Onsite housekeeping
  • Condo rental
  • Cruise ship dock
  • Parking
  • Gym
  • Pool – tennis courts
  • Swim with the dolphins watch or rent a boat

Waterfront property – contact Orlando Property Management for more details

Cayman Island Beach Resort – Vacation rentals available upon arrival and every night of the Bahamas nights.

Your Rental Home Wants You to Wait Until It’s Ready

Every client we’ve ever had has wanted as little vacancy time for their rental as possible.  Zero days are optimal; every day after zero winds up costing them money in utilities, mortgage payments, and maintenance.  Not wanting to lose any money leads to a mentality of getting the home on the market as soon as possible, regardless of condition and resident situation.

So some clients want us to put their homes on the market prior to them being ready for occupancy.  What I mean by this is that the home has not been completely repaired and there are still personal items in the house.  They (or their current tenants) also are within the process of moving.

The rationale, by itself, is sound.  The greater the length of time the house is on the market, the greater amount of potential tenants that can see it.  If more potential renters see it, the law of large numbers would dictate that someone at some point would love it and want it.

However, does this really work?  I would argue it doesn’t.  Huh?  Why’s that?  Isn’t it common sense?

Simply, the American consumer’s mind works differently now.  There is an inundation of information being flung at them on a constant basis.  Most of it is ignored; however, there are some marketing messages that get through (like a rental listing).  If the consumer takes the time and makes an inquiry to visit the property, there is typically one shot to get them.  Their attention span is limited.

This one shot means that the house has to look perfect.  This visit needs to conclude with the prospective tenant loving the house.  If they see or feel something they don’t like, it will probably turn them off and they will want to find another home.  And there are many other rental houses on the market that look very similar.  The competition is fierce!


So why does this matter?  Maybe the diamonds in the rough that aren’t turned off by the home’s uncleanliness will be unearthed and they’ll take it.  It’s certainly possible.  But are renters who don’t care about the condition of the home desirable?  If so, there may be disappointment when move-out time arrives and the home doesn’t look so great.  Clean people typically want clean homes.

The other main reason is that once the marketing of the property begins, momentum is started.  The rental is on the top of all the searches from rental websites, people who are waiting for a rental are told about it by their property managers, and it is fresh.  This is when things typically happen for an average rental home- the first two weeks.  Interested calls, inquiring e-mails, and subsequent showings come quickly.  They need to be harnessed and converted into applications and security deposits.

But when the rental house isn’t up to the task, momentum is stunted.  Interested, potential renters see the property in less than ideal shape and compare it to better kept homes on the market.  The home loses out.  Or the current tenant in the home is packing boxes to move and glares at the renter who is interrupting their evening after work.  The house looks horrible and the vibe is bad.  Potential renters flee to the next home.  Can you blame them?

With rental homes, it’s more about quality time on the market and less about total time.  Make sure the rental home is ready and most inviting when the most people want to look at it!

Rental Home Walk-Throughs: 4 Ways to Protect Yourself

“You know you have a good compromise when both sides are slightly unhappy.” (Many Authors Credited)

As a Charlotte property manager, my least favorite part of the job are the end-of-lease walk-throughs; that is, when the tenant moves out, and we visit the property to check out its condition. If there are damages, we need to decide whether they are “normal wear and tear” (no charge to the tenant) or damages that need to be repaired from the tenant funds. It’s very subjective.

There are three scenarios when it comes to these property manager walk-throughs. The house is left in:

Great condition: The tenant gets their security deposit back and the owner doesn’t have to pay much to get the home in market shape. Everyone is happy. Mediocre Condition: Some of the damage is normal wear and tear, and some of it was caused by too much rough play by the tenant. This is where the greatest conflicts occur between owner and tenant. Poor Condition: The security deposit is basically conceded by the tenant. They know they don’t deserve anything back and hope that there is no future contact concerning the property. The owner is able to use the security deposit to mitigate repair costs.


I’m going to focus on the most challenging situation, the home left in “mediocre condition”. This can elicit two different responses from the same walk-through report:

Owner: “You’re killing me! That tenant treated my home like a kid’s tree house and they are only being charged $500 for damages? Add a zero please! They should be put in jail! Did they ever think to cover the food in microwave so it didn’t erupt all inside of it? Did they decide to save money on towels and wipe their hands on the walls? The carpet was new when they moved in! You’re being easy on them! You represent me, remember? Why do you like them so much?”

Tenant: “You’re killing me! I treated that home like my own! I cleaned it daily. We took our shoes off when we were inside (which we shouldn’t have even bothered with, being that the carpet was shoddy-looking when we moved in- I told you this!! Remember??) There might have been a couple things wrong, but I could have fixed them for like $50! $500? Are you crazy?? I thought you liked me! This is highway robbery! You’ll be hearing from my attorney!”

Property managers are really trying to do the right thing, but are stuck in the middle of competing interests. It’s sort of like being friends with both the wife and the husband when they are in the midst of a divorce. You want to be friends with both (like usual), without either of them feeling slighted. Practically-speaking, that can be tough to do!

To make this experience as clean and easy as possible, I’d offer the following four suggestions to landlords:

Trust your instincts- there is no “right” answer and it is usually impossible to make both parties entirely happy Be specific on damages and document repair costs Have a consistent methodology on how costs are assessed Take pictures or use video during the walk-through so tenants can see the damages they are being charged for

Though rental home walk-throughs can’t always be pain-free, there are ways to limit potential fall-out from this necessary part of the property management business.

Budgeting for A Luxury Villa

Let’s face it-when you think of a vacation, you think of white sands, pretty beaches, and catnaps on warm park benches. However, there’s also a bit of a problem-for every good thing, there are several bad things that you need to keep in mind…

First of all, budgeting is one thing that is really hard and rather scary about vacations. After all, you can’t expect to just randomly pop up one day and say “Oh, hey! Let’s go ahead and find a nice, pretty vacation spot with our next paycheck!” You have bills, other commitments, and loads of other things that you need to keep in mind and avoid screwing up in order to go on vacation. But the question is-is going on vacation really as hard as you might think?

You see, it’s really a lot easier to budget for a vacation and renting a luxury villa than you might think. After all, you don’t want to go to a hotel-what’s the fun in that? You get woken up by drunken college kids, weirdoes who have the wrong room, and loud music at two am. The point? You need to be prepared if you want to get ready to go on vacation-especially if you want to rent a luxury villa!



The main thing that you need to keep in mind is that you need to budget, plan, and make sure that you are prepared.

First of all, you need to see when your budget would best permit it. The way to do this is to look at how much disposable/free income you have. This means that you need to see just how much you can save each week and guess about how much you will have saved in time for your vacation.

Second, you need to see how much money you can potentially save. For example, if you have a shoe addiction, then you may want to cut down on buying them. This will allow you to save more money and also to have a better idea of how much more you can save.

With this in mind, once you have an idea of your budget, you need to see how much it’s going to cost you when you finally get the chance to go on vacation. Ask not only for summer prices but also for prices for the off-season. You may not realize it, but most people will give you a discount if you ask to vacation during the off-season or rent a luxury villa and book it before the summer.

The next thing that you need to do is get a contract. Contracts are important and make sure that you don’t get messed over when it comes time to finally go on vacation. It also ensures that the landowner knows that you’re reputable and if you aren’t-well, you signed!

The point is, you can budget for a luxury villa. Just remember a few last tips:

When renting/saving for a luxury villa, do not give up your stress-relievers. Living a little bit more frugally can be stressful.

Consider going halfsies. It’s a lot cheaper and better for both of you or however other many people you bring with you!

Have fun with your luxury villa!

Advertise a Holiday Home Rental Successfully – Find Out How!

How do I advertise my own holiday home?

As a way to promote a vacation home rental on the internet, you want to discover a site that can continue to work hard to publicize your premises. Most holiday homeowners, that have a home that they don’t really use for a portion of their time, wish to understand just how exactly to advertise their holiday land as a way to bring in cash and pay for their own costs. Whilst the economic downturn continues, holidaymakers have found they will have less money into their own holiday funding and are searching for methods to cut holiday expenses. These would be the exact same men and women who need a holiday home rental and also you want to publicize your holiday property in order that they can find it and reserve directly with you personally.

What if I look for when picking a website in order to advertise my holiday home? Locate a website that charges a set annual fee to promote your premises and will not charge commission whenever you rent your premises. Aid in creating your advertising If you’re a newcomer to internet advertisements does your website enable you to make an ad for the holiday home rental? Many folks believe it is quite frightening to generate proper text to’sell’ the land to prospective tenants.

Additionally, you ought to own as many photographs as you can of one’s property and also to help exude the charm of this town, exquisite surrounding area, etc., as most individuals when confronted with an option of properties that are similar to rent may decide on the one which looks the most useful. Bearing this in mind assess the number of photographs you’ll be permitted in your own advertisement – roughly 20 is just a fantastic ordinary number. Take note some internet sites provide you with 4 afterward bills extra for many others.

advertise holiday home

Make Sure That the website you choose has a great google’ position

We’ve got each used the internet search engine’ Google’ if you would like to check up something or to come across a web site on a certain topic. Whenever you obtain the final results of your hunt people simply consider the very first page – based”fact” – hence it’s essential that the site you pick has got an excellent google’ rank. Which usually means that should somebody typed into a key phrase like’visit to Spain Grove ‘,”’Google’ will search for internet sites that are believed to be more useful and reliable to give information on such key phrase.

In case the web site you decide to publicize your holiday home includes an excellent google’ standing subsequently a website is far more prone to appear on the initial page of results and also many more people will probably look at the website and visit your holiday home lease! Try and locate a site to market your holiday home rentals that’ll’search engine optimize’ your personal advertisement, as opposed to simply the entire site.

This usually means it will be certain there are a number of essential phrases in your own advertisement. All these ought to be placed to match google search calculations’ which subsequently means holiday-makers will arrive in your holiday home advertisement directly without visiting any one of the competitions on the remaining part of the site and potentially book directly away. Apply of’ social media websites’ You may well be fresh to the notion of social websites on the internet however this can be a really excellent method to having the premises’ on the market’.

Internet sites like’Facebook’ and also twitter’ may be rather helpful when you’d like to advertise holiday home leases. Links which you’re able to placed on those web sites might lead right to an own advertisement. 1 web site specifically that frees vacation property rentals by the owner’s guide may actually setup real estate reports together with Facebook’ and also twitter’ and can explain how it operates by sending a’sstep by step how to advertise your premises directly into your holiday-making people’.

That really is indeed beneficial in the event that you’re a little’Technophobe’! There are a number of fantastic holiday land leasing internet sites on the market however one we all know of that provides such support. Nevertheless, it’s well worth assessing what different sites offer for that amount of money to help that you get the cheapest deal on those cash-strapped times!